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Core HR software helps HR pros manage tradition human resource responsibilities include benefits administration, personelle tracking, and payroll. Core HR tools reduce HR's administrative burden and increase efficiency and are key once an organization has reached critical mass.

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Strategic HR, or talent management, is about attracting and developing an organization's talent, and includes areas such as recruiting, performance management, and training. Strategic HR tools help to grow and develop an organization's workforce.

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HR Software 101

Human Resources Management Systems, or Human Resources Information Systems, are very popular today in many small, medium, and large sized organizations. Employees, especially working in the areas of Payroll and Human Resources, have found that using HRMS and HRIS software has greatly improved their efficiency and productivity, leaving time for them to do what is most important to the success of their organization.

Simple yet time consuming tasks and administrative work like entering employee information or compiling time sheet submissions, and more complex work like producing reports for government compliance or regulatory laws are commonly labor and time intensive. However, the adoption of the newest HR software makes it easy for employees to complete their work much faster and eliminates the risk for error that commonly happens when information is calculated and documented manually. Many of these systems also allow every employee in an organization access to their personal information, so they can view details like benefits and time sheets and make requests for time off or meetings with management.

There are many companies out there that offer varied features and tools as a part of their HRMS and HRIS product, so it is important to do some research before choosing the one that will be the best fit for your company. Some companies offer this as an online-based subscription service, a software package that requires installment at your office, or as SaaS (Software-as a- Service).

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Top 15 International HR Blogs of 2015

Top International Blogs

The growth of HR is a global movement. Countries from every region of the world are developing innovative strategies to recruit, manage, and improve their workforces. Some of the most important issues are unique to that individual country and its economic situation. Other issues are universal. Overall, the HR industry is in the midst of […]

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HRIS vs. HRMS: Is There Any Difference? 3 Experts Weigh In


The labels we give to all the latest tech are often confusing. Software vendors sometimes just don’t know what to call what they’ve come up with. History Prior to recent developments, differentiating each type of HR solution was much more important. Vendors were hyper-focused on developing products to meet very specific needs, laying the groundwork […]

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The Top 10 HR Tech Articles of 2014

Top HR Articles of 2014

2014 was a transformational year for the HR tech industry. As hundreds of vendors clamor to produce top shelf products, users are noticing remarkable enhancements. For a look back at this year’s developments, we’ve gathered the top 10 HR tech posts of 2014, ranked by their social shares. 1) The Hot HR Technology Trends of […]

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How to Rock like Google while Recruiting in a “Boring” Niche

Employer Branding

10 Employer Brands that Shine in Dull Spaces Behind all recruiting efforts, there needs to be a friendly face. Branding your recruitment strategy is the perfect way to give it a personal and customized touch – although, some companies just have it easier. People may flock to career sites with flashy opportunities in entertainment, nonprofit, […]

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