Recruiting on Facebook pt. 1: Getting Started

Your next great hires probably use Facebook. In this first article in a recurring series, I’ll show you how to set up a profile for your company so you can find them and they can find you.

Head to Facebooks Businesses section, and click the link that says Facebook Pages, then the Create a Facebook Page button.

Facebook Pages

Create a Page


Thatll lead to a blank profile that lets you add all the important information. This is just a general profile for the company. On a side note, this is a good way to meet customers as well as job candidates. Include the same sorts of info the company’s Web site has – what you do, where you are, company news, etc.

Once the profile is set up, how can you get people to take notice? The easiest way is participating in groups.

There are thousands of groups on Facebook, covering virtually every imagineable topic from puppies to politics. Find some relevant for your company.

For example, if youre in the technology industry, youve got a lot of options. Theres one group called Computer Programmers with several thousand members. Various programming languages have their own groups, too for example, theres one dedicated to .NET.

Theres also one called Internet Marketers where marketing pros gather. (Note: You’ll have to log in to follow those links.)

Browse through the group categories to find some that apply to you. Then you can post messages on the groups homepage, or send private messages to group members about job openings.

Have you set up a profile for your company? Tell us about it in the comments section.

Next in the series: Using groups to reach more people.

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