Kronos Time and Attendance

A system for accurate time attendance management is extremely critical for a company’s growth and success. Since employees are often the biggest expense of an organization, companies place a lot of emphasis on making sure they are getting the most for their investment and want to ensure that their employees are regularly attending work and dedicating an appropriate amount of time to their jobs. Automated time and attendance systems help to ensure proper utilization of human resource capital as well as promote efficiency in the workplace, without having the risk and hassles that outdated, manual processes present. As this is such an important and vital tool to an organization, buying the right system is extremely important, and we want to help make that decision easier by sharing information about some of the top time and attendance systems on the market.

Read on to learn more about Kronos Time and Attendance.

Kronos time tracking

Product Overview

Kronos offers a wide range range of workforce management solutions which includes an automated time and attendance tracking system that takes the manual work out of tracking employees’ hours and reducing costly errors. The system offers multiple data collection options, like a standard badge scanner, a biometric fingerprint reader, and an application for mobile devices to collect data from remote workers. With Kronos, managers can automatically enforce company policies, helping them consistently apply attendance rules and avoid compliance problems associated with wage and hour laws as well as union agreements. Their software can be used with any server or technology, but for smaller companies or those with limited IT resources, they have Kronos Essentials, a Microsoft-based single server configuration, that can run the software effortlessly, or for those looking to outsource, they also have Kronos Cloud Services which lets Kronos handle all of the IT work. This time and attendance system can help to complete a total human resources system package, as it easily integrates with other Kronos software such as its payroll system, HR information system, and employee scheduling software.

Who Should Use This Product

Almost any business in any industry can use Kronos systems for time and attendance tracking because it is extremely versatile. The software behind the Kronos time tracking system has been proven to work well for many different companies of any size, across industries like financial services, government agencies, manufacturing, retail, health care, education, logistics, energy, gaming, and more. What’s great about Kronos is that even if their time and attendance solutions have never been implemented in one particular industry, they encourage their prospective customers to contact them and discuss how their product can meet a certain company’s needs. As mentioned in the overview, companies without a lot of IT resources need not worry about integrating Kronos software into their business. They list a number of their supported technologies like operating systems and servers, but, if a certain technology is not already supported by their software, they encourage customers to contact them so they can find a solution to their technology issues and integration.

Time Management Features

Users of this system have the option of choosing between a standard badge scanner, a biometric fingerprint reader, and an application for mobile devices to collect data from remote workers, to ensure that their employees are at work on time. This data information is kept secure and is sent to managers through their Workforce Timekeeper system, which keeps track of hours worked, alerts managers of problems like excessive overtime or buddy checking, and keeps records of earnings and wage rates. This module acts as the central hub for all data collected through the time and attendance system, making it easy for managers as well as employees to access their information, view patterns and histories, and make decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Reporting Features

Solid reporting features are important for creating statistical reports that reveal critical details about individual employees and the overall workforce. The reporting features on Kronos’ software allow managers to monitor employee time by transforming the numbers of time and attendance data into high-quality information that can help make decisions that have an impact on payroll and human resources practices. These reports can also be helpful when annual review time comes around, as managers and employees can share important details, like their outstanding track record or their sub-par attendance history.

Compliance Features

Compliance is an important issue that often takes a lot of time and effort from managers and companies as a whole, to ensure that they are following guidelines and rules across many different divisions and departments. The centralized policy management module with Kronos helps to accurately and consistently enforce complex compliance requirements, like those set by FLSA and unions, and backs it up with a complete audit trail and reports to ensure that there is easily accessible information and evidence of all activity for all matters dealing with time and attendance and work scheduling.

Other Features

Kronos software has a lot of great features that are standard for the industry, as well as some extras that make it stand out from the crowd. One of those features is their proactive email alerts which can be sent to managers or administrators, and serve as real-time red flags that notify them of information that needs immediate action, like when an employee fails to punch in or out. These alerts allow managers to keep tabs on their employees and to make sure that no activity, like excessive overtime hours or buddy checking, goes unnoticed. There is also a self-service module that allows employees to view their personal account and information like accruals, earnings, schedule changes, and wage rates so human resources will not have to use all of their time tending to hundreds of requests on a daily basis about these minor, yet important, pieces of information.

Overall, the time tracking software offered by Kronos offers a lot of great features that can be helpful for nearly every company who values monitoring employee scheduling, times worked, and attendance in the office.